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Zinc ash separator

Zinc ash separator

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Final size (mesh): 80-325

Fan powerL 7.5-30

classifier power: 1.1-2.2

Brief introduction

Zinc ash separator is composed of three parts, namely crushing, separation and dust removal. Although zinc ash separator is acted upon mechanical force with force-deformation of metal, the weight will not change. It is discharged at the bottom of machine. As property of impurities and zinc oxide is different, it is crushed into fine micro powder under force and pumped by fan, and discharged into separator. It is collected by fine powder in separator, and the gas is discharged into duster. Clean gas is discharged into the atmosphere, collected zinc can enter into furnace and smelt into zinc ingot metal, powder can be sold directly to processing or downstream products.
Running of material in zinc ash separator is accomplished by fans and is operated in negative pressure without dust escaping, so it can meet environmental requirements. The structure of equipment is compact with high degree of automation, less floor area (1.6 square meters), high efficiency, less manual work (2 people can operate it), low production cost, high recovery rate (metal recovery rate is 80% -95%), and improved working environment of worker , so it get praise of users.

Customer Service


If ore sample is provided by customers, we may do free spectrum or other testing. The testing reported is conducted by Mineral Prospecting Institute, and ranks the top in China.

Reagent Recipe

According to requirements for final products, we may provide free reagent ratio and dosage to customers.


After knowing detailed information from customers, our technicians will provide the workflow and configuration for free.

Local Design

Our technicians will provide local design, layout, and tailing design for free after knowing detailed area of customers.


Our engineer may provide 10 day’s training and guidance for free if necessary (including operation of machines, working notes and maintenance).

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