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Lithium Ore Beneficiation Production Line

Lithium equipment technology method for solid lithium ore beneficiation method, it has the hand sorting method, the flotation method, chemistry or chemistry – flotation combined method, the cracking method, the radioactive method, granule flotation method, etc., the former three methods are more commonly used.

Lithium ore beneficiation process: mainly occurs in the salt lake lithium resources and granitic pegmatite deposit, which accounts for 69% of the world’s lithium reserves of saline lake lithium resources and 87% of the world’s lithium reserve base. Its industrial type mainly has: granite pegmatite type, cocoa keketokay lithium beryllium niobium tantalum ore deposits in xinjiang, sichuan methyl lithium beryllium ore etc. Cutoff grade the content of 0.4 ~ 0.6%, the lowest industrial grade 0.8 ~ 1.1%; Associated ore > 0.2%. Alkaline granite type: jiangxi yichun tantalum (niobium) – 414 lithium ore deposit, etc. Cutoff grade the content of 0.5 ~ 0.7%, the lowest industrial grade 0.9 ~ 1.2%; Associated ore > 0.3%. Qinghai salt lake (bittern) : in the qaidam basin in the middle of a flat lithium ore deposit, etc. LiCl content, 1000 mg/L; Associated ore > 200 ~ 300 mg/L.

Lithium ore beneficiation process hand sorting method:
Hand sorting method at home and abroad in the ’50 s and’ 60 s was the main beneficiation method of lithium concentrate, beryl ore concentrate production. As our country xinjiang, hunan and other provinces and regions in 1959 hand picking beryl concentrate production of 2800 tons, in 1962 the world beryl ore concentrate production is 7400 tons, including picking concentrate 91%. This is mainly due to the lithium mostly pegmatite deposit, choose other major industrial mineral spodumene and beryl crystals, changed hands. But should show that, hand picking big labor intensity, low production efficiency, resource waste, low index, and then gradually replaced with mechanical beneficiation methods. However, at present in the development of cheap labor in development country, hand sorting method is still the main beneficiation method in the production of lithium concentrate.

Lithium ore beneficiation technology flotation method:
Flotation method is the earlier research and application method in the world, abroad in the flotation process have already been used for 30 s in spodumene ore concentrate of industrial production. Spodumene flotation using reverse flotation, also some positive flotation; Lepidolite float easily, are commonly used flotation. In the late ’50 s and start of spodumene and beryl flotation research, followed by the lepidolite flotation separation, lithium, beryllium and other lithium beryllium ore research, formulate spodumene and beryl, lepidolite flotation process, and in the new factory of lithium beryllium ore dressing process has been applied.

Lithium ore beneficiation process chemistry or chemistry – flotation combined method:

Apply to the salt lake lithium, extract lithium in this way. By brine evaporation on bleachery, this method makes the precipitation precipitation sodium salt and potassium, lithium chloride concentration increased to 6%, then sent to the factory, carbonic acid lithium lithium chloride with the soda process into a solid product. Type lithium brine resources are mainly carbonate, sulfate and chloride type three, now is the main development of carbonate type and sulfate type. The development of technology is more complex, at present was still in the stage of production test.


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