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How to solve dust for zinc-oxide rotary kiln?

Published 2014/11/4 9:13:49

As long time operation of zinc-oxide rotary kiln results in a great deal of dust, excessive amount of dust is a typical problem. Timely solution of dust is conductive to improvement of working efficiency of zinc-oxide rotary kiln.

We should make a good sealing job of zinc-oxide rotary kiln. Due to large changing of transportation facility and physical distribution, it is equipped with stopping equipment to reduce dust. Coordination of working process should be strengthen, and dust configuration shall be added. Dust producing spot shall be sealed strictly by using sealed cowling, and material shall be scattered by using exhaustion system. We shall get rid of indoor waste gas, purify air and remove dust. Height potential energy difference of zinc-oxide rotary kiln shall be reduced, and angle between chute and horizontal plane shall be increased. Gas-tight chamber shall be furnished with negative pressure to be conductive to remove dust.

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