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Classification of rotary kiln

Published 2014/11/8 11:45:31

According to different volume, purpose, feeding mode, long diameter and cooling type, rotary kiln can be divided into many types. Hongke Heavy Machinery will explain it in this text.

1. According to geometry of barrel of rotary kiln, it can be classified into straight rotary kiln, kiln with enlarged discharge end as well as kiln with enlarged feed end, kiln with enlarged burning zone and kiln with enlarged double end.

2. According to cooling mode of material of rotary kiln, when hot end of barrel is fixe with many tube coolers, it called planetary cooler kiln, which is used for distinguishing other kilns of cooler. 

3. According to method of feeding, it can be divided into dry-process kiln and wet-process kiln. There are on-flow method and spraying method for wet-process kiln. After calcining by grate-kiln when dry raw material, the kilning method is manufactured into ball (at about 12-14% moisture), which is known as “semi dry method”. If aluminium hydroxide which is calcinated by aluminium oxide calcining kiln contains water 12-18%, it also can be called semi dry method.
4. According to length-diameter ratio of rotary kiln, it can be divided into long kiln and short kiln. Generally speaking, number of working tape within dry process kiln is low, and L/D ≤ 16, it is short kiln. For spraying method, kiln drying process is shortened and L/D =20~25.
5. According to heating method of rotary kiln, it can be divided into internal rotary kiln and external heat kiln. When processed material is in violent with high smoke concentration and product purity in toxicity non-ferrous metallurgy and chemical plant, external heat rotary kiln is used. Material is directly heated outside barrel by using heating wire and heavy oil. As its diameter is usually small, it is also called rotary tube. The whole kiln system is installed in a big steel frame so as to adjust redundancy of kiln in production.

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