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Problems for installation and debugging of rotary kiln

Published 2014/11/11 10:12:30

Installation and debugging of rotary kiln is an important task, and proper installation is more conductive to normal operation of equipment. Therefore, we need to have this knowledge for normal operation of later work.                        

Which problems shall we known for installation and debugging of rotary kiln? This is a lesson. Here our technician will introduce it in this text.

I. Further understanding of drawing: As is known to us all, rotary kiln is a kind of large production equipment, and knowledge of drawing can help us further know parts of equipment. When installing, we shall be familiar with surrounding geography and characteristic, and meantime we should thoroughly familiarize work site and temporary power supply location.
II. Knowing of advantage and disadvantage of installation work and transportation equipment: As project quality directly affects cost in installation process, we shall use proper tool. The selection of crane is very important. We shall choose crane that can bear large tonnage segment.
III. Strict requirements for personnel: As rotary kiln plant is built for a short period of time, we need more equipment for configuration to increase working aloft. More unsafe facts of working aloft caused any potential risks. Therefore, we shall have a strict requirement for staff to train their safety knowledge and improve operating altitude.
IV. Crane transport and installation of rotary kiln: Installation process includes installation of locksmith process and laying process. We shall be familiar with this knowledge to reduce occurrence of faults.
Knowing installation and debugging of cement rotary kiln will be beneficial to enlarge our knowledge of it, and improve operation efficiency of equipment.

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