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How to improve production efficiency of hammer crusher

Published 2014/11/11 10:18:18

For selection of production equipment, users usually pay more attention to production efficiency of equipment. Equipment with high production efficiency is trusted by customers. After an amount of case analysis, we found that there are some inconveniences in installation design of hammer crusher. For this, it shall be reformed appropriately to improve production efficiency of hammer crusher.

Before explanation, firstly we shall know how does hammer crusher work: when materials get into hammer crusher, it will be crushed by impact of high speed revolving hammerhead to get kinetic energy, and rushes at crushing plate. At this time, large-grained material will be impacted in grid section by hammerhead. Small grained material will be discharged from grid section. Users may adjust grid section gap to change discharging granularity to meet different requirements from different users according to requirements.

hammer crusher

I. Improving manhole door to distributing door
Improving manhole door to distributing door to ensure that crusher cannot be lost some small grained material easily when running. If we found production efficiency is reduced, when checking we only need to open distributing door, which accelerated inspection process and guaranteed available crusher time.
II. Proper usage of air door
Two sides of hammer crusher are equipped with two air doors. Many green hands do not know function of two air doors, so air door is in off state. Once feeding volume is excessive, rotor will be blocked. It only can be solved by cleaning of open cabinet and dredging of grid section gap. Both methods take a long time and a lot of hurdles. Workers found that operation of switch and air door can reduce blocking of rotor greatly through many years’ working experience.
III. Adjusting gap between hammerhead and grid section timely
With using of crusher, grid space and space between grid and nutation is bigger and bigger due to gradual wearing, impact and grinding pressure within crusher is reduced. Material granularity from grid section is coarse. After screening of vibrating screen, material amount that returned to hammer crusher is increased, crushing efficiency is decreased, and service life of hammerhead is reduced. Screw rod in the lower crusher shall be adjusted to drive eccentric gear for fastening of grid section to ensure that space between hammerhead and grid section can reach requirements, thus improving crushing efficiency.
Hongke Heavy Machinery believes that as long as you pay attention to above detail in the production process, your company will greatly improve production efficiency of hammer crusher and create bigger economic benefit. 

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