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Function and category of tube mill lining board

Published 2014/11/17 10:17:26

(1)Lining board’s Function of ball mill 
①Protect inner wall of mill cylinder and end cover from wearing of grinding body.
②Adjust motion state of grinding body, and make reasonable use of grinding body energy gained from mill in rotation process.  
③Strengthen rigidity of barrel to a certain extent.
④Fabricating lining board makes ball forward fabricate toward mill axial direction to ensure that all balls play an important role in grinding process.

2) Category of ball mill’s lining board
 ①According to installation parts, it can be divided into wheel head end cover liner, shell liner and mill door liner.
 ②According to material, it can be divided into metal liner, rubber liner and cast stone liner (cement industry generally uses metal liner).
 ③According to working surface shape, it can be divided into plane liner, corrugated liner, rib liner, layering liner, ladder liner as well as hemispherical liner, conical liner, hyperboloid liner, angular spiral liner and trench liner.
 ④According to connection mode, it can be divided into bolt liner and boltless liner. 
 ⑤According to function, it can be divided into ordinary liner and fabricating liner.

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