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Property, using and choice of rotary kiln refractory materials

Published 2014/11/18 8:48:49

General use of high temperature section kiln lining of rotary kiln is alkaline brick building such as magnesite-chrome brick, spinel brick and dolomite brick. The refractory lining is used to protect kiln body high temperature section from high temperature and conduct thermal storage and insulation. Hazardous substance resulting from revolving rotary kiln at high temperature and kiln body can prevent direct contact of harmful substance and barrel. Refractoriness of refractory material shall be less than 1, 580℃, and has good capacity of resistance to heat shock and chemical attack, which is non-metallic material with low heat conductivity coefficient and expansion coefficient.

After laying refractory brick within rotary kiln, we shall pay attention to baking. When open burner for baking, rate of temperature increase shall not be changed quickly. For excessive heating power, it will result in cracking and spalling of brick lining. We can adjust flame temperature of burner to make brick lining expand for filling of space of refractory brick at the appropriate time. When kiln is shut down, we shall reduce temperature slowly and can’t go too fast. 

Facts destroying refractory brick:
1. Infiltration of clinker melt and alkali salt.
2. Oxidation-reduction reaction.
3. Overheating of temperature.
4. Mutual friction when rotating.

1. Choose refractory material with strong ability to resist clinker melt and to erode alkali salt.
2. Toughness of fiber structure of thermal stress resistance and mechanical stress is in good condition.
3. High temperature stability of heat resistance load and wearing in hot state is good.
4. Composition of refractory brick shall meet requirements for environment protection.

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