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Factors affect Raymond mill efficiency

Published 2014/11/20 8:41:01

Raymond mill, also known as Raymond mill powder machine, which applies to all kinds of mineral powder and cola fines processing such as raw ore, gypsum ore, coal and other materials. Depending on specificity of its performance, utilization rate of Raymond mill in market is higher and higher. Some reasons will affect its production efficiency in process of using. Hongke Heavy Machinery will make a summary about it in this text.

1. Material viscosity: higher viscosity leads to strong adsorption affinity, and production capacity of Raymond mill will be lower.
2. Material hardness: material with hard texture is difficult to grind powder, and will damage Raymond mill.
3. Material composition: as grain fineness of material is different, material is recommended to be sieved before grinding to prevent fine powder from absorbing Raymond mill and affect transportation.
4. Material humidity: as with other mechanical equipment, material that contains much water cannot be possessed by Raymond mill. For this, material will adhere to internal Raymond mill and block in transportation process of blanking, thus reduce production efficiency.
5. Material performance and abrasive resistance: there is no doubt that for better performance, Raymond mill great capacity will favor to grind material.

There are many factors affecting efficiency of Raymond mill,   to mention just a few. We suggest that manufacturer shall pay attention to work details and carry out proper maintenance work. By doing this, it not only can prolong service life of Raymond mill but also improve its working efficiency to a certain degree.

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