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Proper using and maintenance of roll crusher

Published 2014/11/25 16:19:40

Roll crusher is a kind of crushing machine which is widely used in many industries. In order to guarantee ultimate crushing capacity, roll crusher shall be operated according to proper using and maintenance.

1) Before starting equipment, operator shall make overall check of equipment, including bolt-on of each parts as well as oil level and bearing lubrication of reducer.

2) Crusher shall be started under no-load, and it may start feeding in normal speed without abnormal condition. Before normal stop, we shall firstly stop feeding. Crusher shall not be shut down until material within crushing chamber is drained except in special circumstance. The machine is not allowed to start with load.

3) After long-term shut-down or before initial start-up, crusher shall be checked completely whether bolt is loosening; injection of reducer meets requirements, bearing adds lubricating grease; connection of electric wiring and control switch is correct; connecting terminal is loosening; material within crushing chamber is eliminated. After it has been confirmed correct, start crusher. The crusher can be started after running direction is checked for its correctness.

4) If some abnormal voices appear in using process of crusher, abnormal temperature rising and peculiar smell happened to drive section and oil level, we should immediately shut it down. After finding out the cause and eliminating faults, it can be restarted.

5) Motor bearing and main bearing of crusher shall be removed and cleaned once each year; reducer should be cleaned once and oil shall be changed once each year.

6) When examining and repairing crusher, firstly we shall cut off power, show maintenance mark and ensure safety of maintainer.

7) After crusher is run 3 months, fastening piece shall be fasten once, repaired and maintained regularly, including weekly inspection, monthly inspection and annual inspection.

Weekly inspection: bolt and nut of each part shall be checked for its loosening each week; electric wiring shall be checked for its damage. We also shall check working condition of reducer and motor.

Monthly inspection: worn condition of crusher tooth shall be checked at least once each month.

Annual inspection: we need to make complete inspection of crusher, bearing of remove motor, reducer, crushing roller, clean spent lubrication oil and check worn condition of movement. For serious wearing, it shall be replaced immediately, and bolt of each part shall be fastened once.

After tearing machine body, when reassembling junction plane of upper and lower bearing block and stationary junction surface shall be coated with a layer of sealant to prevent oil leakage of sealing surface.

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