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Which factors will cause damage to crushing machine?

Published 2014/11/29 13:11:35

Failure of equipment is a common thing, at a given quality of equipment, if management and maintenance of equipment is introduced, the possibility of failure will be much smaller, and so does crushing machine. If we want to reduce possibility of failure of equipment, we should know which factors will cause damage to crushing machine and which operations will bring negative effect to equipment in using process. Here we are together to understand which factors will affect damage of crushing machine.

Firstly, failure of crushing machine is closely related to improper operation. The great impact of improper operation is start-up and shut-down. Relevant motor model shall be matched at the time of using. We should put into material after smooth and normal operation under no-load start-up, and equipment shall not be stopped unless material is completely discharged. Material is the main reference point.

Secondly, material should be input according to load range of crushing machine, and size, strength and hardness of material shall be same. We need to put into material evenly to ensure effect. Metallics should not be put into crushing machine for crushing. Above two points have a great impact on crushing machine. Equipment may avoid risk and reduce damage as soon as possible by knowing it.

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