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Optimization method of ceramic ball mill feeding equipment

Published 2014/12/2 11:25:03

Feeding equipment is another factor that determines production of ball mill.  If material cannot be sent into ball mill smoothly and continuously, production of equipment will be reined in. We will let everyone know improvement method of ball mill feed inlet in detail through optimization case of ceramic ball mill feeding equipment in this text.  

There are many factors affecting ball mill production in beneficiation industry, and feeding equipment is just one. As a professional in area of expertise, each shortcoming will become more perfect power of equipment. Therefore, improving reasonable problem, optimizing ball mill feeding equipment, improving feeding point is a necessary problem for outsider.

1. When installing feed inlet, we need to leave a certain angle to make material feed under the action of gravity and avoid blocking in inlet. 

2. From perspective of problem resulting from feed inlet, the main problem is loading chute. 
3. We can create atmospheric condition for ball mill by transferring loading chute of feed inlet into tubular loading chute with inclined angle, 
4. Many machinery companies make effort and research to improve ball mill ventilation.  
5. Increasing ventilation and reducing material granularity is one key step of improving ball mill production and quality.
6. If we set air blow at grinding head of ball mill and increase air draft at grinding tail, it will have good effect, but increases energy consumption of fan and treatment difficulty of grinding tail dust collecting system. The effective way is to improve ball mill feed inlet.
7. We can channel a steel tube, pass into hot wind at a proper time, reduce steam condensation and temperature difference within mill. 

8. We can fix lining plate at the lower part of small ball mill cylinder to improve abrasive resistance of loading chute and have good protection effect on feed inlet. 

Above is our viewpoint of Hongke Heavy Machinery. We hope more industry expert may improve ball mill to meet current users’ demand and promote further development of ball mill.

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