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Avoiding Raymond mill damage effectively by eliminating three common failures

Published 2014/12/2 13:29:51

Raymond mill is widely used in grinding industry and is very helpful for production. But for long time using, some failures will exist. 

1. Timely check material feeding hardness; whether scraper knife is seriously worn; bolt of foot margin is loosen; grinding roller and ring is seriously deformed. For similar phenomenon, we should immediately replace destroyed parts or screw foundation bolt down.
2. Check if vane of classifier is seriously worn and classification is regular. If air volume of fan is adjusted to normal value, grinded particle may too course or fine. We only need to replace classifier vane or fan air output for solution. 

3. Fan will vibrate if there is particle accumulation in fan blade; fan blade wearing is unbalanced; or bolt of foot margin is loosened. We only need to clear particle left in vane or directly replace vane, and fasten foot bolt.

Above phenomenon is very common. There are other failures that we have not listed. If you want to know cause of equipment failure or more specific treatment measures, you may refer to relevant operating manual for disposal. In a word, trouble shooting in time can guarantee reliable subsequent processing of equipment and effectively avoid serious damage of equipment and prolong service life of equipment.

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