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Maintenance tips for jaw crusher

Published 2014/12/4 10:14:02

As mining equipment is constantly exposed to hard material like stone, it is worn and crashed seriously. How to maintain it becomes of greater importance. Maintenance tips for jaw crushers will be given in this text. If you are friends from mining industry, do not miss it.

I. Check machine regularly

For start-up of any stone crushing equipment, we shall shut it down regularly, and check worn condition inside the machine. Machine shall be examined and repaired after completely shut down in inspection process of jaw crusher, which can avoid a series of danger. For repair of machine, wearing parts shall be checked. When wearing parts reach maximum rub fastness, it shall be replaced timely.

II. Check components regularly

Conveyer of jaw crusher is indispensable to stone production line, and machine is driven by conveyer. Adjust tightness degree of conveyer regularly to guarantee uniform force of conveyer. We think that bearing is worn largely in its using process, and we can extend service life of bearing by adding into oil. The oil shall reach 50-70 % of bearing volume. Bearing temperature rise shall be less than 35℃ under normal circumstances, and maximum temperature rise shall not be more than 70℃. For maintenance of movable jaw, we generally arrange cleaning and oil change and may not need to replace bearing. The usual method is to pull bearing and eccentric axis from bearing chamber to deal with it.

III. Do well in lubrication of parts

If we pay attention to make a good job of lubrication of frication surface, normal operation of machine can be guaranteed and service life can be extended. Lubricating grease that added into bearing block is 30-7-% of its volume. It shall be changed every three months. When changing fresh oil, clean gasoline or coal oil shall be used to wash dirt in bearing and bearing block. Lubricating grease shall be added at the contact point of bracket and cushion before machine is started.  

Jaw crusher is the key course crushing equipment. As the leader of heavy machinery, jaw crusher manufactured by Hongke Heavy Machinery is well known to all over the world. We hope you can effectively make use of resource information to add credit to your company.

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