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Warning of rotary kiln shutting down

Published 2014/12/5 15:30:45

Each step is of great concern in using process of equipment, and we cannot neglect any detail even though it seems very small. A improper detail may result in equipment failure even damage. Hongke Heavy Machinery thinks that this point is applicable to rotary kiln.

rotary kiln production line

For rotary kiln, shutting down of kiln may not be a minor detail. When rotary kiln is shut down, kiln body span between riding wheel and tug boat is big due to high temperature of kiln body. Immediate standstill will result in serious bending of kiln body, thus influencing safety operation of kiln system. Stopping time of kiln body determines if kiln body is bending. Therefore operator of rotary kiln should pay more attention to warning of rotary kiln shutting down.
1. If rotary kiln is stopped for more than 1 hour but less than 8 hours, we shall guarantee under-burning of material and extreme stretching of kiln body. Therefore after shutting down of kiln half an hour, we shall turn half ring of kiln body over and reverse one third circle of kiln body each hour so that kiln body can naturally cool down without bending.
2. Operation of kiln shutting down plan (more than 8 hours): after material is rolled out and shut down kiln and kiln body is rotated slowly 6-8 hours kiln should be shut down so that kiln temperature can be reduced slowly to prevent kiln bending.
3. Kiln shutting down operation: for sudden power outages, we should move half circle of kiln body under permitting conditions, or immediately reverse kiln body slowly after back-up power supply so that kiln can recover slowly . Then kiln can operate quickly.

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