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Advantages of rotary dryer

Published 2014/12/9 16:09:18

With continuous development of social economy, old-fashioned dryer increasingly difficult to keep up with the demand for society, and new dryer is produced. Hongke Heavy Machinery will explain transformation process of dryer.

rotary dryer

1. As long as new rotary dryer feeding pipe angle has no influence on feeding, feeding pipe shall be lift up as soon as possible. It is recommended that upper end shall not be contacted with retention ring so that material temperature is too high for burning-out of retention ring and barrel. After feeding pipe is heightened, it is conductive to smooth of high temperature gas and prevent burning-out of elephant trunk. As material is fell down naturally, forming into material curtain, and is contacted with high temperature gas directly, heat exchange rate will be improved.

2. Rotary dryer transforms auger delivery blade at feeding end into triangle rib plate, which can be manufactured by steel plate with a thickness of 6mm.
Its function is to reduce flow rate of material in high temperature zone, and fully absorbs heat for further using of heat exchange rate, which can reduce temperature of dryer upper end and prevent burning-out of barrel and retention ring.

3. Rotary dryer may transform about 1/3 barrel of L lifting plate in low temperature zone. Generally speaking, L lifting plate is fixed at a 90 degree angle, and circle can be wielded at 30 degree, 90 degree and 120 degree.

Hongke Heavy Machinery is specialized in manufacturing dryer and ball mill. Our equipment is completely in conformity with national standards and carries out national concept of energy conservation and emission reduction. We made great process in transformation of equipment by inducing advanced technology and experience at home and abroad.

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