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Skills for choosing dryer parts

Published 2014/12/11 13:15:50

The wearing of rotary dryer parts is a common problem in daily operation process of dryer. Easy-wearing dryer parts include inlet retainer, unloader, motor sheave, lining plate on vortex chamber, triangular belt, butt head, impact block, upper runner plate, the lower runner plate, distributing cone, empty impeller, bearing cylinder, host sheave, centering tube, bearing and main shaft. Hongke Heavy Machinery will analyze skills for choosing dryer parts in this following text.

I. Pay more attention to original parts. When purchasing dryer, users may request manufacturer to offer a set of wearing parts if it is available. The original factory has suitable matching with different dryer whether in material, size or quality. In addition, original factory is equipped with perfect after-sales service system. Consumers are recommended to purchase it from host manufactory.

II. When purchasing parts, consumers should carefully observe surface of parts for its corrosion, discoloration and aging. For no deformation, we shall check if physical dimension meets the requirement; there exists loosening, degumming and sealing-off; surface flame curtain is in good condition; rotatable parts are flexible; specification and certification is complete.

III. Comparing price. Many consumers are misled by manufacturers and think that dryer parts are almost the same. As process of counterfeited products is simple with low production cost, they often attract consumers with lower price, and it is their temptation. Therefore, consumers should be very similar with market price of machine parts. If price and price in your impression are too different, you shall not immediately immerse yourself in the emotion of picking up bargains. At this time raising your vigilance is necessary.  They sold parts to you with low price for a couple of reasons, mainly for unqualified parts.

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