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Analysis of common failure cause of magnetic separator

Published 2014/12/12 9:45:59

 Magnetic separator is applicable to wet magnetic separation of such material as magmetite, pyrrhotite, calcined ore and ilmenite whose granularity is less than 3mm, which also can be used for iron removal of coal, non-metallic ore and building material. What is common magnetic separator failure? Here we will analyses it in this text.

 I. magnetic separator motor is too hot with abnormal sound.It may be caused by the following reasons:1. Bearing lubrication is insufficient or wearing is serious; 

 2. Fan blade is fell off or worn; 

 3. Switched line is contacted poorly, Touch badly, or break run single phase; 

 4.The voltage is too low. 

 II. The magnetic field strength of the separator becomes weak. 

 The reason:

 1) The temperature is too high; 

 2) sun exposure;

 3) acid corrosion. 

 III. The magnetic separator sound is not normal in operation, the cylinder is stuck by obstacle, and even the cylinder cannot be rotated  with bottom box fibrillation.

 1. It is stuck by object in bottom box. 

 2. Falling off of magnetic patch results in quack of barrel. In severe cases, cylinder skin will be cut.If magnetic separator sound is  abnormal in operating process, it should be shut down for maintenance and troubleshooting. 

 IV. Reducer is overheating. 

 The reason: 

 1) The oil is shortage or oil quality is poor; 

 2) Gear and worm is worn excessively or the engagement is not good; 

 3) Bearing lubrication is insufficient or worn badly.Only find equipment failure cause can we solve problem quickly. Hongxing Heavy Machinery warns users magnetic separator shall be not only maintained regularly by us and examined and repaired regularly to reduce equipment failure rates.

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