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Installation of ball mill

Published 2014/12/13 11:40:39

Ball mill should be installed on solid concrete foundation. For foundation design and construction, please refer to general assembly drawing and foundation drawing of ball mill. In order to un-occurrence of change of parts positional accuracy, ball mill foundation shall adopt block structure.

When compression strength of concrete foundation reaches 75%, ball mill can be installed on it. Before installation, foundation quality shall be checked. Concrete shall not affect defect of strength; quantity and position of pre-moded hole shall not meet requirements; there shall be no sundries, water accumulation and oil stain. For installation exercise by “using ground wire method”, “center target” shall be pre-buried on surface of foundation. Before installation, all centre lines shall be drawn in foundation and centre dots shall be marked in “center target”.
Before hoisting, sub-part of ball mill should be checked. If finding problems, one should timely handle with.
1. Refer to part assembling drawing of min bearing parts for main bearing parts. 
2. Refer to rotating part assembling drawing for barrel portion.
3. Refer to drive part assembling drawing for drive part.
4. Refer to general assembly drawing for overall relative position.

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