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Installation and debugging of cement rotary kiln

Published 2014/12/15 14:12:34

When installation of cement rotary kiln is completed, check if equipment technical indicators meet requirements. After cement rotary kiln is confirmed by the department concerned for qualification, it can be installed and debugged. Before debugging, overall inspection shall be done for cement rotary kiln and its ancillary facilities.

(1) We should ensure that all fasteners are screwed up and firm. All sundries within and outside kiln in lower and upper foundation shall be cleaned, especially for wheel gear, tyre and tug boat. 
(2) Check lubricating cold hydraulic system for its leakage and valve for its flexibility and reliability. Oil shall be filled in place, and oil pressure, oil temperature and flow rate shall meet design requirements.
(3) Check if all instruments, indicators and motor rotation direction shall conform to related drawing and provision.
(4) Check transmission gear, no impaction, shock and abnormal noise shall be exist; big and small gear engagement shall be normal with smooth operation.
(5) Check tyre and tug boat is contacted normally; contact length shall not be less than 70%; upper and lower drunkenness of barrel shall be conducted smoothly.
(6)Check device for its loosening, and sealing device and part for its abrasion.

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