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Work flow of rotary kiln

Published 2014/12/16 11:52:18

With environment increasingly being destroyed, at present domestic produced equipment shall conform to environmental requirement. Especially some environmental protection equipment is highly marketable and is being vigorously pushed by state. Today we will analyze rotary equipment in environmental protection industry.  
Work flow of rotary kiln can be divided into three stages: drying stage, heating stage and burning stage. Hazardous substance can be effectively prevented by using rotary kiln for dealing with urban garbage and high-temperature calcinations in heating, drying and burning stages, and toxic substance can be decomposed in high temperature. Chemical component contained in garbage are very similar with ash contained in cement raw materials, and ash burned by urban garbage can be partially and wholly used for manufacture of cement based on calculation of ingredient and without influencing quality and output of cement clinker. Compared with other treating methods, it saved cost of investment and operation, reduced processing cost, increased efficiency, saved resource and energy for manufacturer and protected urban environment.
Scientific and reasonable energy recovery system research not only brings good economic benefits but reduce environmental pollution. The treatment of rotary kiln by using municipal garbage is an effective solution to the domestic rubbish disposal in the future and has broad market prospect. For more knowledge of rotary kiln in environmental industry, please call staffs of Hongke Heavy Machinery.

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