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Refractory brick for rotary kiln

Published 2014/12/17 15:41:02

Rotary kiln brick content is 25%-30%, which is manufactured by using low aluminum refractory new soil as main raw material. Due to its chemical composition, refractory kiln can form protective layer of a certain thickness of alkali-resisting erosion on its surface, and therefore it is widely used in the cement pre-decomposition furnace system. Here we will analyze content and application of cement kiln refractory bricks in the following text.

Raw material stems from potassium, sodium, sulfur, chlorine and other injurious ingredients in cement rotary kiln production. Sulphate and chloride formed in high-temperature zone eases along with kiln gas, which not only causes erosion damage to alkaline kiln lining in calcining zone and transition zone but is congealed for enrichment in feed-end chamber, decomposing furnace and pre-heater due to temperature reduction. It also can penetrate into the ordinary clay refractory brick and produce chemical reaction with the refractory brick to generate kaliophilite, leucite leucite, orthoclase and other dilatability minerals.
As part of refractory brick has larger shrinkage and deformation in the sintering process, its refractory brick specification has relatively large difference to its dimension. For refractory brick, wet masonry shall be adopted. At the meantime, if kiln gas contains much chlorine, it can improve the SiO2 content in refractory brick appropriately and increase the combination of refractory brick surface to manufacture alkali resistant refractory brick.
In order to meet the requirements of refractory brick thermal shock resistance, prefabricated brick width of pellet rotary kiln should be about 1/25 of kiln inner diameter, and the height should be smaller than 1/25 of kiln inner diameter. Length should take hand haulage convenience as a promise for choosing.

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