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Layout requirements of rotary kiln

Published 2014/12/18 14:07:09

1. Rotary kiln centre-height shall be confirmed according to type and layout of clinker cooler. 
2. Rotary kiln foundation layout should conform to following provisions;
1). Rotary kiln installation dimension shall base on cold kiln;
2) Horizontal distance between foundations shall be confirmed according to dimension after heat expansion;
3) Calculation of barrel axis heat expansion is on the basis of tyre centre with catch wheel fixed in transmission gear, which is expanded toward two ends.
4) Inclination of fundamental plane shall be equal to kiln inclination, and foundation hole shall be normal to fundamental plane.
3) When more than rotary kilns are fixed, confirmation of centre distance of two kilns shall conform to following principles:
1) Meeting layout requirements of kiln hood and kiln tail;
2) Being convenient for equipment operation and maintenance;
3) Combining with reasonable position of central control room.

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