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Bricklaying flow of energy-efficient lime rotary kiln

Published 2014/12/24 14:28:00

Bricking flow of energy-efficient environmental protection lime rotary kiln adapts fixation method, and it can be divided into upper and lower branch. Fire brick of lime rotary kiln is coated with iron plate, which is conductive to bear heating expansion of kiln burnt brick. Part of fire brick iron plate will be dissolved at high temperature to ensure that brick circle is tighter. Fire brick iron plate may shorten generate time of lime rotary kiln coating and increase its adhesive force. 

We need to know bricklaying flow of energy-efficient environmental protection lime rotary kiln. Firstly, operating trolley brings kiln burnt kiln of lime rotary kiln to below kiln body, and lift brick to platform by using dipper. Brick of lime rotary kiln shall be laid for 17 circles, and kiln hood can be operated by bricklaying machine at upper branch. Secondly, we need to end each circle of brick in laying process according to fact. Therefore, ending of brick process is the most time-consuming in bricklaying process, which reduces free distance between brick to ensure that bottom of fire brick is closely connected with kiln shell. Finally, when retaining the last brick, we need to move fire brick to brickwork joint and measure lower end dimension of brick. If we lay 5 bricks, dimension of little end of 4 bricks and big end of one brick shall be less than dimension of lower end.

To sun up, bricklaying of lime rotary kiln is very important. Performance of fire brick can improve production efficiency of lime rotary kiln to guarantee product quality. We constantly develop advanced process of lime rotary kiln, open up new development patterns to present advanced lime rotary kiln production technology. Henan Hongke Machinery has many advantages in all respects. We welcome your inquires and business.

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