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How to use waste heat of cement kiln for power generation

Published 2015/1/6 9:05:18

For kiln discharge, cement kiln will produce a lot of wastegas. At this time, waste gas temperature is very high, and a tremendousamount of heat will be lost. If conventional method is used to removewaste heat, large amount of tail gas will be discharged due to eccentricity. Apart of tail gas will be lost through gravity setting, cooling process andelectrostatic dust collection. Running efficiency of equipment will be reduced greatly by condensation of dust collector.

It can be notable that the way for medium and small cement kiln to treat wasteheat is unique, which is handled by adapting evacuation directly. In general, largecement kiln is equipped with equipment for dealing with waste heat. Thisequipment can be widely used in northern area, and the role of equipment wasteheat is measurable. Cement production process is a process with high energy consumption.When some small cement rotary kiln manufacturers engage in equipmentproduction, it fails to give play to waste heat, resulting in loss of waste heat.Numerous researchers in China are actively involved in discussion of waste-heatutilization and draw an important conclusion: waste heat can be utilized bydecomposition technique of cement kiln and heat pipe exchanger technology.

We can analyze different kinds of electrical materialto study waste heat reutilization system of cement kiln. Thermoelectric effect makesuse of technical feasibility of cement kiln surface waste gas, and thediscussion of cement kiln waste heat for power generation plays a veryimportant role in its using.

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