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How to improve production efficiency of ball mill

Published 2015/1/7 13:24:04

With continuous improvement of new process, users pay more and more attention to problem about how to improve production efficiency. As output of ball mill per hour has changed dramatically, there is more than threefold output difference between raw material open-circuit mill and closed-circuit mill with same specification. Reduction of grinding particle size and enhancement of ventilation within mill play a vital role in improvement of output and quality of mill. Many factories make great effort and research in improving ventilation of ball mill, and have obtained favorable effects in setting blasting in mill head and increasing mill tailing ventilation, but it correspondingly increased processing of fan energy consumption and mill tailing collecting system. Therefore, effective way is to improve feed head.

In order to increase service life of ball mill, Hongke Heavy Machinery has fully developed new impeller which uses high manganese steel structure and improves vortex rotation mode with adaptive control of shot speed. Its performance efficiency can reach 1.2-1.5 times of ordinary sand making machine. As ball mill adapts high abrasion resistance structure and optimized upper and lower liner, it can effectively improve service life of sand making machine, save and recover the cost for users.

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