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How to effectively improve service life of cement kiln?

Published 2015/1/9 13:54:30

Low carbon economy is well known to people and position of cement kiln is becoming more and more important in today’s society. Cement kiln is the key equipment for cement clinker dry process and wet process production line, which is widely used in industries of cement, metallurgy and chemical industry. How to effectively protect cement kiln?  Improvement of its service life is the key. Here is the suggestion of experts from Hongke Machinery in this text.

1. Start and stop of cement kiln is the key. Heating up per hour shall be less than 60℃, and heating preservation shall be controlled above 300℃.
As thermal expansion coefficient of basic brick of cement kiln is big, 1, 000℃expansion rate is about 1-1.2%. Rate of temperature increase shall be less than 60℃/h within the area where temperature brick facing is 300—1, 000℃ in temperature-rise period of drying kiln. This is very clear in terms of theory, but it has certain degree of difficulty in commission. Therefore dual oil flow gun is recommended to be used. The kiln is dried by using oil at the beginning, and combustion of coal and oil is used to save oil when being heated to a definite temperature. After temperature of brick facing is more than 1, 000℃, coal shall be fired to control temperature-rise period better.

2. Equipment is the foundation
Long-term safe operation of equipment is the basis for us to strictly enforce ignition system and shutting down and cooling down of kiln system. If equipment status is bad, kiln shall be shut down for several times even dozen times. For shutting down of kiln each time, it takes more than 20 hours to dry kiln. As we cannot afford time and cost, equipment is the foundation.

3. Kiln coating is the barrier
Kiln coating has an obvious protective effect on basic brick, which can reduce internal stress resulting from temperature difference within brick, reduce probability of chemical erosion, slow amplitude of thermal shock down, reduce ablation of high temperature on basic brick and wearing on refractory brick in high temperature. Surface temperature of kiln body shall not be more than 370℃, otherwise cooling measures shall be taken as soon as possible.

4. Stabilization is the premise.
Hanging and keeping kiln coating well plays an important role in prolonging service life of rotary kiln. As each bigger temperature fluctuation causes varying degrees of damage to kiln coating, the premise of protecting kiln coating well is stabilization of thermal system.

5. Management is the guarantee
Following technical law and grasping all respects of using process is the guarantee to use basic brick well and prolong service life of rotary kiln.

As maintenance and repair of cement kiln is very important, it shall be operated by special-assigned person. Operators shall be systematically trained before they take up their posts to ensure normal operation and protection of rotary kiln and extension of service life of equipment.

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