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Maintenance and repair of energy saving ball mill

Published 2015/1/15 10:36:13

Maintenance and repair of energy saving ball mill is a regular job, and quality of repair work directly affects operating rates and service life of energy saving ball mill. How to properly maintain and repair it in process of using? The information is given in the following text.

1. Connecting fastener is no loosing, and no oil leakage, water leak and ore leakage in the junction surface.
2. Lubrication and oil level in lubrication points shall be checked at least once every four hours.
3. When the mill is operating, temperature rise of main bearing lubrication does not exceed 55 ℃.
4. When large gear face is worn to a certain extent, it can continue to be used through turn-over.
5. All lubricating oil should be released, thoroughly cleaned and replaced with new oil after mill is put and continually operate for one month. oil shall be changed once every six months in  combination with medium maintenance.
6. Large and small gear drives smoothly without abnormal noise. If necessary, gap shall be adjust timely.
7. Energy saving ball mill runs smoothly without strong vibration.
8. There should be no abnormal fluctuations in the motor current.
9. When damage of lining plate bolt result in looseness of lining plate, it shall be replaced.
10. Ball wear shall be added according to worn condition.
11. If abnormal situation is found, it should immediately stop grinding for overhaul.
Technical parameters can be changed according to customer needs. For details about equipment, please consult customer service in our website, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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