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Several methods for reducing aluminum ash ball mill noise

Published 2015/1/22 9:53:27

As large machinery, it is very usual that noise of ball mill is appeared in operation process. One certain decibel is exceeded; it will bring trouble to technicians. Today Hongke Heavy Machinery will explain which methods will reduce aluminum ash ball mill noise.

1. Reduce working hours as much as possible and operating personnel should remember to wear earplugs, helmets and other objects and do well in protective measures.
2. Reasonably arrange or adjust installation layout. Changing guard bar on one side of aluminum ash ball mill into movable acoustic screen not only can absorb noise of aluminum ash ball mill but have an effect on sound insulation and protect sound insulation. In addition, we can transfer duty room into anechoic chamber, and add sound boarding in the neighborhood.
3. Strengthen the maintenance and management of aluminum ash equipment. If aluminum ash concentrator is in bad repair with fault operation, noise will increase. Therefore aluminum ash ball mill shall conduct routine maintenance and repair.

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