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Five factors affecting jaw crusher production

Published 2015/1/24 16:05:34

There are many factors affecting jaw crusher production, generally speaking, it is divided into five parts. We will explain it and put forward corresponding solutions in the following text.

1. Hardness of material: it is difficult to crush hard materials with serious wearing of equipment, slow speed and low capability. Therefore we need to pay attention to selection of material.
2. Composition of material: the more fine powder contained in material of jaw crusher, great influence on sand making will be. For material with a high content of fine powder, it shall be screened in advance to screen pine powder from material and avoid affecting normal operation of jaw crusher.
3. Fineness of material crushed by jaw crusher: high fineness requirements lead to small crush capacity, which is depended on special requirements. For no special requirements, general fineness of material shall be set to medium fineness.
4. Viscosity of material: if viscosity of material is bigger, it will be easier to stick. Material with high viscosity will be adhered to inner wall of crushing chamber in jaw crusher. In case of untimely cleaning, it will affect working efficiency of jaw crusher. For seriousness, it may affect normal operation of jaw crusher. Therefore, when choosing material, we need to note that viscosity of material is not too big. 
5. Humidity of material:  if material moisture is bigger, material is easier to attach to jaw crusher, result in blocking in the material handling process and decreasing of sand making capacity. To solve this problem, firstly when choosing material, we need to strictly control humidity of material. If selective material humility is too large, sunlight or drying methods shall be adopted to reduce percentage of moisture in material. 

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