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What Parts Are Mainly Contained In The Ball Mill

Published 2016/5/24 8:49:57

The ball mill main machine comprises a cylinder body, the cylinder body is inlaid with a lining which is made of wear resistant material, which has a bearing barrel body and maintains the rotating bearing, and a drive part, such as a motor, and a transmission gear, a belt pulley, a triangle belt and so on.ball mill
About called blade parts, generally not the main parts, in the feed side of the feed inlet of the material inside the spiral can be said that the spiral blade, in the discharge end of the material inside the mouth of the material can also be referred to as internal spiral blade.
In addition to the material side of the auxiliary equipment in the screw conveyor, in the device will be called the spiral blade parts, but strictly speaking, it is not a part of the ball mill.

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