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What Should We Do Ball Mill Appears Sticky Situation On The Job

Published 2016/6/3 8:26:25

Steel ball of ball mill is an important basic components, ball mill is grinding mill equipment material media, friction grinding stripping effect by collision between the ball and the material between the ball mill, ball mill in the interpretation of important mineral processing industry role, no ball mill, there is no ball at all two interdependent saved as inseparable whole, a ball mill was able to work very well, mainly due to the interior of the ball mill can operate well. Ball mill grinding stick phenomenon occurs when the work is normal, if the energy-saving ball mill grinding occurs at work, stick phenomenon, first we do not rush to analyze the changes in the nature of the ore, to the ore, to the water, back to the amount of sand, overflow stream size is normal, find out why, we want to remedy, find the right approach, the following is my company based on years of production experience and user feedback situation summarized way, for reference:
(1) First, we want to regulate consumption. Grinding concentration used must be strict, too large or too small will have adverse effects. When the concentration is too high, the slurry activity slows down while grinding media impact action becomes weak for overflow type ball mill, the row of ore particle size coarsening, while grid ball mill may stick thrown wear phenomenon.
(2) grinding adhesion occurs when additional measures to be taken to reduce the amount of energy-saving ball mill to the mine or a short stop to the mining. This reduces the workload of the ball mill, to reduce the amount of ore through.
(3) adding a reasonable grinding media. If less than the amount of energy-saving ball mill loaded media should be supplemented with appropriate suitably sized grinding media. Also can strengthen the collecting negative pressure wind, add a little grinding aids, in addition you get depends on the slurry specific gravity, viscosity, residues and other parameters, if the requirements of a higher proportion of cases will certainly be sticky mill, which through appropriate glue solution and ratio to increase the efficiency of energy-saving ball mill, do not ask if the slurry viscosity ratio can be increased, but is unlikely to completely stick mill, depending on the amount of water that is the proportion of your requirements.

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