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Humanized Design Is An Important Factor In The Rising Sales Of Jaw Crusher

Published 2016/8/25 9:07:32

Jaw crusher is crushing equipment, widely used in the stone production line, sand production line, complete sets of production lines, the jaw type crushing performance of the main components of the machine must be attached importance to, relations of each component to the jaw type crushing machine’s overall work efficiency and service life. In the jaw crusher work process, the upper and lower parts of the two parts of the broken plate wear, because the material contact is the lower part of the broken plate, usually the lower than the upper wear is more serious. In the crushing plate selection must be careful, because of the crushing plate directly with material contact need to withstand enormous crushing force and material of friction, broken plate service life is very important, mainly from the design and the material up.
Jaw crusher machine crushing plate design is has the skill of the movable jaw and fixed jaw crushing plate is usually the tooth peak of tooth Valley, so in the crushing materials have the compression and bending, more easily broken, at the same time in order to extend the broken plate life, in small jaw type crushing machine crushing plate Design on the symmetrical shape, when lower wear can be a U-turn; large jaw type crushing machine crushing plate design into giant phase symmetrical pieces, to wear can be broken plate change using.
Along with the continuous development of science and technology, the development of all walks of life also in constant growth, then jaw broken machine industry earth shaking changes have taken place, whether in the ore crushing or in the use of stone production line, sand production line, the jaw type crusher plays great function, in the recycling of construction waste disposal and steel slag also plays a huge role.

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