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How To Adjust The Material Size Of The Jaw Crusher

Published 2016/8/25 9:10:43

Jaw crusher is mainly used in two ways to achieve the risk of overload and the adjustment of the discharge port:
One way is to use a hydraulic hydraulic gyratory crusher, which is situated the main shaft of the piston in the hydraulic cylinder, change the plunger of the hydraulic oil volume can alter broken upper and lower positions of the cone, thus changing the row size of the discharge port. Overload and spindle downward pressure increases, forcing the plunger of the hydraulic oil in hydraulic transmission system of accumulator, the crushing cone decreases with increasing discharging port, discharge of material into the crushing chamber with non crushing matter (iron, wood, etc.) in order to achieve insurance.
Mode 2: is the use of mechanical means, the upper end of the spindle is adjusting nut, rotate the adjustment nut, crushing cone can fall or rise, the discharging mouth becomes large or smaller, overload, by cutting off the drive belt wheel on the safety pin to achieve insurance.
The upper and the lower movement of the jaw crusher can promote the discharging function, and the upper part of the jaw is larger than the lower part of the horizontal stroke, and the crushing efficiency is higher than that of the double elbow plate type. Its disadvantage is that the jaw plate wear faster, as well as the material will have a crush phenomenon and the energy consumption increased. In order to protect the important parts of the machine is not due to overload.
When the jaw crusher is overloaded, the conical shell is forced to be compressed by the spring so as to increase the self, so that the discharge port is enlarged, and the non broken material is discharged. The adjustment of the material discharging opening is carried out by adjusting the sleeve, and the adjusting sleeve which is fixed with the shell can drive the shell to rise or fall by the screw thread on the outer circle, in order to change the size of the discharge port. The insurance and adjustment method of hydraulic cycle crusher is the same as the hydraulic cone crusher.

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