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Magnesium Rotary Kiln Raw Material Leakage Solution

Published 2016/9/12 9:37:49

Metal magnesium rotary kiln is produced by calcined dolomite magnesium ingots roasting equipment, user feedback, some users say can occur when light burned dolomite raw material, raw material leakage phenomenon occurs, it will affect the whiteness of the finished product and to quality, etc., the following problem arises that kind introduction and metal magnesium rotary kiln Cause leakage of raw material solutions are introduced, through which you can solve the problem.
Drain metal magnesium rotary kiln raw material reasons
Mainly the following metal magnesium rotary kiln leakage caused raw material:
1, kiln temperature drop is too large, coal feeding amount is too small;
2, magnesium vertical preheater kiln collapsed material, raw materials into the firing zone, sprang kiln;
3, attempting to be compressed raw material, kiln temperature drops, the kiln vacuum fluctuations, the current decline in the kiln, kiln muddy, grate at high temperature, kiln, cooler to take ash.
Drain metal magnesium rotary kiln raw material solutions
1. Feeding aspect control
Reduce the amount of the metal magnesium rotary kiln feed, reduce kiln speed, add the right amount of coal plus primary air, this time to pay attention to safety kiln pulverized coal combustion; when there is leakage of raw material or leakage of raw material pre-omen, it may be appropriate to add coal . When the leakage of raw material has become a fact, kiln temperature drop is large, should be appropriate to reduce the feed coal feeding; when to be current and burning zone temperature is rising, it can feed, raise kiln speed, feed rate should not be too large.
2. The terms of speed regulation
May be appropriate to reduce the metal magnesium rotary kiln pull the wind, adjusting the ratio of internal and external wind, the wind outside appropriately off small, open big inner wind, the flame will be retracted. If the situation is more serious, you can exit the coal pipe appropriately as soon as possible to lift the burning zone temperature; adjust the grate speed, with cooler air, keeping the metal magnesium rotary kiln kiln ventilation.
3. The terms of temperature regulation
Control the metal magnesium rotary kiln decomposing furnace outlet temperature to ensure good kiln calcined material.
Note: When the metal magnesium rotary kiln raw material leakage phenomenon, should increase the speed and reduce the kiln kiln production, the raw material for firing clinker discharged from the system as soon as possible. After solving this phenomenon, supporting the cooling system will gradually reduce the temperature, power current drops kiln, rotary kiln production of magnesium metal restore function.
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