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Slate Crusher Manufacturers

Published 2016/9/13 10:47:31

Brief introduction of slate

Slate is a natural rock, its color with impurities varies with slate hard texture, no radiation pollution, weathering resistance, anti slip, application processing of slate in our daily life is very common, and by the user’s favorite.

Breaking is one of the slate processing program, jaw crusher is mainly slate crushing equipment, is very important in the production of slate, slate can play a greater role. With the increased utilization of slate, manufacturers have to increase the slate crusher production efforts, and slate crusher manufacturers are constantly increasing, while the user’s greater selectivity, but the broken slate differ machine price, quality, many users still do not know how to choose, following to introduce the slate crusher manufacturers are the majority the user is highly recommended, please see here.

slate crusher

Slate crusher manufacturers - Hongke

In a large number of manufacturers, a good reputation in the market and Hongke, the production of slate crusher has good performance, provide more protection for the users of the production, compared with other manufacturers, Hongke slate crusher manufacturer advantage:

1, strong team

We have more than 30 years of production experience, since its establishment, continuous innovation and optimization of production technology, and constantly introducing domestic and foreign advanced production technology, to establish a production workshop and the international standardized testing base large, set up a research center, has laid a solid foundation for the production of high quality Hongke equipment, production equipment has obtained national patents, "Hongke" brand of equipment in the market is becoming more and more popular.

2, excellent quality

Hongke depending on the quality of life, the quality of the equipment to understand the importance of the development of an enterprise, with advanced manufacturing technology in the production of slate crusher, and select materials for high-end international model, broken slate every step in the production of machine is also very strict, Hongke production equipment by ISO9001 the national quality certification system, the quality of Hongke devices, users can rest assured the.

3, high quality service

We always adhere to the service to create the market, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of Hongke, it can provide a series of high-quality services for users. Pre crushing machine for the user to buy suitable slate, help users to make more reasonable and economical production line. Sale, tracking slate crusher production process, quality assurance at the same time, users in advance into production, and assist users to design reasonable construction scheme. Customer service, installation of equipment, commissioning, to ensure the normal operation of slate crusher, to regularly visit to the user in the later stage, help the user to improve the production equipment, and technical guidance to the user, for the user to solve practical problems in production, reduce downtime, increase user productivity.

4, ultra low price

Hongke is the most popular rock crusher manufacturers, production equipment have good protection in quality, customer service, and the production of slate crusher price is very favorable, the reasons are: Hongke is located in Henan Zhengzhou, the traffic is very convenient, can save the cost for transportation equipment; the Hongke the equipment is produced, sold, not too many links, the price of the equipment and the factory price no difference; Henan area manufacturers competition, the average price of the equipment is low; this is an important reason for the low price of Hongke equipment.

Hongke slate crusher advantage

Hongke production slate crusher for crushing effect is very good, and long service life of equipment, low energy consumption, can bring more profit for the user, the device has the advantage of:
1, Hongke production slate crusher broken slate particles intact, uniform particle size, and has low noise, less dust, energy saving and environmental protection.
2, we used slate crusher larger and more durable eccentric shaft bearing, bearing capacity of the large, the service life of the bearing is increased by more than 3 times.
3, the design of crushing cavity not only deep, but also will be in the cavity were all broken slate, greatly improve the feeding ability of slate, increase the production of equipment, bring more profit for the users of the production.
4, the wedge outlet set instead of the installation and adjustment shim adjustment device, adjustment more convenient and fast, and the adjusting range is larger, can be effectively regulated in the 10mm range of 400mm, the user can make the production more efficient.
5, the unique design of flywheel broken slate machine, and device using the finite element analysis technology, the equipment of crushing ability, lower vibration during operation, equipment maintenance rate, service life increased by 3 - 5 times, users can save about 100 thousand yuan maintenance costs per year.
In summary, Hongke is the best slate crusher manufacturers, not only strength, and equipment quality, user selection for Hongke production after bring greater profits to slate crusher price more understanding, can call for inquiry, can click the online consultation, we will give you the most reasonable, the most preferential price.

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