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Common Faults And Treatment Methods Of Six Kinds Of Vibrating Screens

Published 2016/9/18 9:28:22

Vibrating screen is mainly used for screening sand and stone, and it can be used for classification of coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and chemical industry. Vibration sieve fault and processing method is also more and more attention by the user, the common vibration sieve failure analysis is as follows:

1, vibration sieve can not start or amplitude is too small, should check the electrical barrier free, the motor is damaged, or the line element is damaged, whether the voltage is low, no problem in these three aspects, and then from the machine check, vibration sieve on the surface of the material is piled up too much, if that is clear. Exciter upper coupling bolts loose, grease thickening caking, the cleaning maintenance vibrator, then adjust the eccentric shaft weight or eccentric block position.

2, vibrating screen surface material flow anomalies, one is the lack of rigidity of the screen box, there is a critical frequency, coupling bolts have been vibrating loose, and even to the extent of the overall vibration, that is, the fastening. Two is the horizontal screen box did not identify, find problems from the supporting feet of the supporting seat or the spring spring spring to change itself, or change the size of bearings, there may be net screen surface damage caused, as long as the replacement of the screen. If the screen has been due to lack of rigidity, horizontal level did not identify, will cause the beam fracture, such as the operation will also make the material flow anomalies. There may be improper operation, that is also one of the reasons for the imbalance is also one of the reasons.
3, vibration sieve of poor quality, the reason is the improper operation of the responsibility, may be clogging, and increased moisture into the screen fine increase in the sieve material layer is too thick, uneven feeding etc.. Both sides may screen pulled too tight, if it is possible to drag the belt shaft eccentric vibration, loose belts, and other mechanical problems dealt with, can reverse rotation to a period of time, in order to improve the quality of screening.
4, the slow transformation of rotary vibration sieve, bearing fever, this kind of situation, that the usual maintenance did not keep up, lack of bearing grease, if new grease is oil quality problems or too full, the obstruction of inferior oil bearing labyrinth seal case, so the quality of lubricating grease is very important.
5, circular vibrating screen noise is too large, may be bearing damage, bolt loose, cross beam fracture and spring damage, in addition to bolt can be tightened, the other three conditions are required to replace the parts.
6, vibration sieve plate beam crack, fracture, structural damage, such cases have not suddenly, the critical frequency under the working time is too long, such as a large number of high strength bolts fastening plate spring relaxation, serious deformation so that the height difference is very much, there may be eccentric block each weight error is too large, causing structural damage the wall, cracks, and even beam fracture, replace damaged parts, tighten the bolts, must first hit two holes in two 6m/m head repair wall crack, to prevent the crack extension, don’t forget to fill the reinforcing plate, the reinforcing plate hit several vents.

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