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Notice To Choose And Buy Jaw Crusher

Published 2016/9/21 10:33:40

Jaw crusher application range: sand and stone field, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing station, dry powder mortar, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand, etc..
Jaw crusher work for curved extrusion, the working principle is: motor drive belt and pulley, the eccentric shaft causes the movable jaw movement, when the movable jaw rises elbow plate and the movable jaw angle becomes larger, so the movable jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate, and at the same time the material is crushed or breaking, to achieve the purpose of breaking down; when the movable jaw, elbow plate and the movable jaw angle becomes small, the movable jaw plate in the bar under the action of the spring, away from the fixed jaw plate, the broken material from the crushing cavity outlet. With the continuous rotation of the motor and the crushing of motor jaw for periodic movement of crushing and waste materials, to achieve mass production.
Customers in the purchase of the crusher jaw crusher, in addition to concern about the quality and performance of the machine itself, the crusher price is undoubtedly customers are most concerned about, especially for large crusher manufacturers such equipment, should be more prudent to buy, after all, a crusher price is not cheap. The crusher price is affected by many factors, such as equipment manufacturers, specifications, quality, area, market demand and so on, different jaw crusher manufacturers, product performance and quality, the price is also different, therefore, customers in the purchase of jaw crusher, must be in the formal purchase the manufacturer, the specific price can consult the specific manufacturers.
Jaw crusher suitable material: gravel, granite, iron ore, limestone, quartz stone, coal gangue and other construction waste.

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