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Solution Of Sound Produced By Rotary Kiln Supporting Wheel Shaft Running

Published 2016/9/24 8:42:00

The rotary kiln products of large tonnage, the roller axle is in operation when the fault occurs sometimes encountered greater voice and so on, will seriously affect the quality of the rotary kiln product quality, causes the following to the sound operation of the rotary kiln roller axle and solutions are described.
Sound causes of rotary kiln supporting shaft running
1, bear the pressure on the wheel to produce a sound;
2, if the roller lubrication is not in place, it will reduce the service life of the roller, leading to the running of the wheel in the process of sound.
Sound solution of rotary kiln supporting shaft running
1, from the oil out of the solution - to select the appropriate bearing lubricants. If the oil viscosity is not appropriate, it will bring pressure on the wheel shaft, and the viscosity of the oil is better, if the conditions permit, you can take some heat insulation measures. Due to the operation of the rotary kiln for a long time, the thickness of the lining of the kiln lining around the rolling circle will become thin, when the lubricating oil is reduced, the lubricating effect is greatly reduced.
2, from the cooling system to solve - to set the cooling system, the replacement of the appropriate lubricating oil. The lack of cooling water in the bearing, causing the temperature rise, reducing the viscosity of the lubricating oil, therefore, we need to immediately put a full range of automatic cooling system, adjust the lubricating oil.
3, from the bearing thermal insulation temperature and so on to resolve - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -. In the winter, the temperature is low, resulting in the viscosity of the lubricating oil in the bearing is increased, the oil content of the bearing is increased, the overall layout of the rotary kiln should be arranged in a timely manner.
4, special circumstances, artificial refueling. The slow stage of rotary kiln is too long, cause can not meet the demand between the axle and bush, in this particular case, to carry out artificial gas.
The solution is to produce a sound above the rotary kiln wheel running, Acer has production, equipment of all kinds of rotary kiln types, production safety equipment, if users need more detailed understanding of relevant knowledge, can free consulting service acer.

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