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Why Cow Dung Needs Drying

Published 2018/5/18 8:36:30

With the rapid development of the cattle industry, fecal contamination has become a major problem. According to relevant data, in some places, the environmental pollution of cow dung has exceeded the total amount of industrial pollution, and some even as high as 2 times. A cow produces more than 7 tons of feces every year. Due to the general lack of attention paid to the treatment of cow dung in various places, some farms of medium or lower size have basically no cattle dung processing facilities.
Bird flu is also a serious problem for farms. The main problem is the excrement disposal of livestock, such as cattle farms, if not timely treatment of animal excrement, will not only cause serious environmental impact, but also produce pathogens to animals. In winter, the weather is still a little cold Good point, especially in the summer, if the treatment is not good enough for the animals to produce germs, not to mention anything else, that is, their own economic losses are not a small number.

There is no cow manure treatment facilities in the district, the ranch cow dung processing methods are mainly scattered indiscriminately put, a small part of the organic fertilizer or directly on the ground for fermentation, cow dung everywhere indiscriminately after the dumping, every summer, bad smell, serious Pollution of the environment, dilute into rivers after rain, after rain, not only adversely affect the normal life and production of the surrounding residents, but at the same time cow dung is the source of breeding of a variety of bacterial pathogens, has a serious impact on the breeding groups. In addition, the use of raw cow dung as a fertilizer on the ground, it generates heat, consumes oxygen in the soil, resulting in the burning of root burning seedlings, but also play a role in transmission of parasite eggs, pathogenic microorganisms.

cow dung dryer

As cow dung is rich in nutrients and trace elements, it is a good organic fertilizer. In order to allow green breeding of farms, reduce environmental pollution and prevent the spread of diseases and diseases, Hongke Heavy Industry has specialized in research and research, and has developed the equipment for cow dung dryers (cow dung drying equipment, cow dung drying production line). Various types of cattle farms can also design different types of dryers for customers according to the different requirements of customers for drying, and different heat sources can be used for the dryers. The specific requirements are determined according to customers.

With the development of agriculture, agricultural and sideline products are increasingly valued by people. The pollution of livestock waste to the environment is more and more serious. Using cow dung drying technology can not only turn waste into treasure, but also reduce environmental pollution and prevent the spread of the disease, which has good economic and social benefits. Farms within a radius of 50 kilometers can jointly invest in solving the problem of funding shortages and achieve mutual benefits. The government and enterprises give appropriate preferential policies to not only reduce the pollution of cow dung on the air, but also allow the farms to increase profits and stabilize the cooperative relationship.

The use of cow dung after drying

After the cow dung dryer (cattle manure drying equipment, cow dung drying production line) dried cow dung main purposes are:
1. Cultivation of mushroom culture medium for mushroom;
2, the use of cow dung fermented into a nutritious feed to feed clams;
3, as a feed for breeding turtles, fish, snails, chickens, ducks, etc.;
4, used to produce cow manure organic fertilizer, fluffy soil, improve the situation of land consolidation, sequestration of trace elements in the land, enhance soil fertility;
5. The cow dung after drying can be used as clean energy for combustion and power generation. There are many other uses of cow dung after drying. Jinhua Machinery is not listed here.

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