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Customized Small Activated Carbon Rotary Dryer Complete Equipment Delivery

Published 2018/12/22 15:07:16

Every autumn and winter is the peak season for the sales of rotary dryer equipment. Although domestic environmental protection has a great impact on industrial production, the demand for industrial and mining dryers is still growing. The sales of industrial and mining dryers of our company have continued to grow compared with the same period. This is not only due to the improvement of product technology, but also the strategic planning of the company’s design for energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. On December 20th, our company designed and manufactured a complete set of activated carbon dryers for a corporate customer, and passed the inspection and delivery.
Activated Carbon Rotary Dryer
Activated carbon dryer delivery site
    Activated carbon material is amorphous carbon obtained by processing, has a large specific surface area, and has good adsorption capacity for gases, inorganic or organic substances in solution and colloidal particles. Activated carbon materials mainly include activated carbon and activated carbon fibers. The main raw material of activated carbon can be almost all carbon-rich organic materials, such as coal, wood, husk, coconut shell, walnut shell, apricot shell, jujube shell and so on. As an excellent adsorbent, activated carbon material is mainly determined by its unique adsorption surface structure and surface chemical properties. Activated carbon material has stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, insoluble in water and organic solvents, and can be recycled. It has been widely used in chemical industry, environmental protection, food processing, metallurgy, pharmaceutical refining, military chemical protection. And so on. At present, modified activated carbon materials are widely used in the fields of sewage treatment and air pollution prevention and control.

Activated carbon dryer configuration and description

    Configuration: tumble dryer, support and transmission base, feeder, discharger, seals, air intake equipment, dust removal equipment, conveying equipment, pipes, hardware, etc.
    Note: 1. Considering the transportation and installation conditions of the user, our company designs it for the body. The main drive adopts the friction wheel drive mode, and the dryer roller adopts two-stage flange connection. 2. The heat source equipment enterprise has its own.
    We have built the brand with quality. For 13 years, we have insisted on dynamic testing of each equipment to ensure that the quality of the products is consistent. We believe that the gold cup silver cup is not as good as the user’s reputation.

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