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Maintenance and Routine Maintenance of Sawdust Dryer

Published 2020/2/22 10:43:26

Efficiency is a concern of all walks of life. For Sawdust Dryer equipment, how can we improve its drying efficiency? This problem has always been a tangled problem between the manufacturer and the user. Here are some tips to improve the drying efficiency of the Sawdust Dryer:

1. Experienced users know that when using the dryer, it is not necessary to limit the rotation speed of the drum very low. In this way, the dryer can improve the contact times between materials and hot air, so as to improve the drying efficiency of the dryer;
2. It is necessary to adopt the way of combination of forward and reverse flow dryer drying to avoid some problems such as the water vapor can not be discharged in time and the running distance is too long;
3. A set of anti-skid supporting wheel shall be installed on the main machine in the drum to fix the dryer, and the main machine shall be kept at a certain tilt angle, so as to avoid the installation of the dryer in the form of a high inlet end and a low remote end.

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