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Introduction of Three Heat Conduction Methods of Rotary Kiln

Published 2020/6/8 16:19:06

Rotary kiln is a kind of kiln that we often use. It has good high temperature resistance. Everyone knows that there is a heat conduction process when the kiln is used, and there is more than one kind of heat conduction method. So, the following editor will share the specific three heat conduction methods of the device.
   1. Convection is definitely not new to everyone. In order to make the indoor air fresher or to make the room warmer in winter, the principle of convection is used to transfer heat. The principle of convection is also applied in the heat conduction process of rotary kiln. There can be no convection in solids, only liquids or gases will have convection. So is convection a mysterious principle? When the product moves in the rotary kiln, the relative displacement will occur, and at this time, the energy between the raw materials will be transferred. During convection, heat conduction also occurs.
   2. Diversion is another heat conduction process. There will be collisions or other contact between the raw materials during the operation of the equipment. These contacts will cause the molecules or atoms in the object to diffuse, of course, the molecules inside themselves are running at high speed. Various materials in the rotary kiln have energy transfer phenomena due to the diffusion of free electrons. This explanation also applies the physical principles related to the movement of electrons.
   3. When it comes to the heat conduction function of rotary kiln, heat radiation is definitely a function that cannot be ignored. Fundamentally, it also transmits energy between raw materials through electromagnetic waves. In fact, this time is not only to transfer the energy in the product, but also a conversion process. Specifically, the rotary kiln can convert the thermal energy and radiant energy of objects into each other. It is not difficult to understand through these contents. In fact, the specific heat conduction method of the device depends on the nature of the raw materials in the device.
  The three heat conduction methods of rotary kiln mainly use three methods of convection, diversion and heat radiation to conduct heat. Each heat conduction method has unique advantages, including these three heat conduction effects are very popular. Therefore, when we choose, we must understand the advantages and disadvantages of each method and make a reasonable choice.

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