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How to Discharge the Gas in the Rotary Kiln

Published 2020/6/28 15:01:51

After working for a period of time, the rotary kiln will produce part of the gas. This part of the gas is to be discharged from the plant. How to carry out this part of work? In order to facilitate everyone’s understanding, in order to allow you to operate this equipment more skillfully, the following article explains in detail for everyone, let’s take a look at it together.
   1. The air discharged from the rotary kiln makes the indoor air pressure drop, and the indoor air becomes thinner, forming a negative pressure area. The air flows into the room due to the difference in air pressure.
2. In the practical application of industrial plants, it is installed on one side of the plant, and the air inlet is on the other side of the plant. The air forms a convection blow from the air inlet to the high-temperature rotary kiln. During this process, the nearby doors and windows are kept Closed, the forced air flows into the workshop from the windows and doors on the side of the air inlet, and the air flows into the workshop in an orderly manner from the air inlet, flows through the workshop, and is discharged from the workshop.
3. The ventilation is thorough and efficient, and the ventilation rate can be as high as 99%. Through specific engineering design and designing the ventilation speed and wind speed according to the needs, any high heat, harmful gas, dust and smoke can be quickly discharged from the workshop, and any poor ventilation problems It can be completely solved at one time, and the connection can be reached within a few seconds from opening the station.
Through the content explained in the article, you can generally understand how the gas in this equipment is discharged. When the rotary kiln is ventilated in the plant, we should understand its process. At the same time, doing this work also ensures the safety of the staff. , You can carry out specific operation practice according to the content explained in the article.

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