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Structure Of Rotary Dryer

Published 2014/8/21 14:34:26

Rotary dryer include 1)、cylinder;2)、front Roller ring;3)、rear roller ring;4)、wheel gear;5)、Block roller;6)、Drag roller;7)、Pinion;8)、discharging and filling head;9);lifting plate;10)、reducer;11)、motor;12)、filling material screw13)、chute, and so on;

In addition, we also can add insulation and Conjoined support; besides, equipment still need heating source(for example:coal gasifier, hand-fired stove, combustion chamber, fuel, gas or electricity and other heating equipment), matched feeding device (such as: elevators, belt conveyors, dosing machines, etc.), cyclone , induced draft fan and control system, and so on.

The structure Of Rotary Dryer

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