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How to choose Drying device?

Published 2014/8/22 16:25:10

How to choose Drying device?

When you choose drying device,you need to learn dryer characteristics first.

Dryer is ability to adapt for drying the material, such as the ability to achieve the degree of required drying material, the uniformity of the dried product.
If Dryer damage quality of the product . Because some products require to maintain crystal shape, color; Some products require can not be deformed or cracking when drying.

Heating efficiency level of drying device(in general, make good use of heating drying device ,high heating efficiency; conversely, low thermal efficiency) which is the main technical and economic indicators drying.

Furthermore, you should know dryer economic capacity , drying equipment strength and the drying rate. Large drying strength, the equipment used is small, and fixed investment is less , or the contrary; drying system resistance determines the mechanical energy consumption of the drying system, if the system resistance is small, mechanical energy consumption is small, operating cost is also low. Dryer device is a negative number, this may sometimes affect the application of the dryer. For example, the suspended drying device (such as fluidized bed dryers, air dryers, etc.), which can not leave effective dust separation equipment, ventilation equipment and reliable wet material supply device, etc. Although the dryer itself is not big, but because the auxiliary equipment is very bulky, the application should be restricted. Meanwhile, also requires that drying equipment conveniently control and work in a good conditions.

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