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How to improve rotary dryer working efficiency?

Published 2014/8/27 15:58:32

Rotary dryer is a drying machine, it can be widely used in mining machine.How to improve the drying effeciency of rotary dryer is te most consider problem.

So we need to improve the rotary dryer drying production.

we improve the rotary dryer production from the heat change aspect.

In the direct heat transfer rotary dryer, the main heat transfer way between the wet material and the hot air is convection current; there is heat radiation way as supplementary.

In order to fully use the convection current process, there is throwing plate or rack (spoon-like) in the rotary dryer which raise the materials up to add the contact surface of the material and the hot smoke, thus improve the heat change efficiency and speed up the evaporation rate.

From the fair current and adverse current rotary dryer material and temperature distribution curve we can see due to the large temperature range, the efficiency of the fair current dryer is lower than the adverse dryer. The moisture is decreased to close to 1%, to get rid of the 1% moisture needs more heat which is not worth the candle.

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