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How to Select the Heat Carrier of Rotary Drum Dryer?

Published 2014/9/4 15:32:50

How to Select the Heat Carrier of Rotary Drum Dryer?

Selection of heat carrier of rotary drum dryer :Rotary drum dryer heat carrier"s decision to select the heat carrier and its maximum temperature is the nature of the treatment of solid materials, as well as whether to allow the pollution and other factors.

  1. If the processing of solid materials are not afraid of high temperature, and not the final product, you can allow in the process is slightly contaminated, can be hot stove or flue gas as a heat carrier, you can get a high volume of evaporation rate and thermal efficiency . For example, for imports, higher water content materials dry, the evaporation per unit volume of intake air temperature different, different sizes of drying capacity, yield a great disparity.
  2. If the processing of materials is not allowed to be contaminated, high temperature required, you can use my company new product gas furnace for the heat carrier, energy saving and environmental protection of the product, high thermal efficiency. Want energy, health, gas furnace will be the best choice for demanding, such as local environmental protection. Gas furnace burner at least in energy efficiency, energy saving over 20% in the manual on significant savings, general gas furnaces have a work to operate, and do not need to stop coal, another gas furnace can be stop with the use of up to 10 days does not work, next time you can also continue to use.
  3. It is also useful for indirect heating methods, namely, heat is passed by the metal wall of the dry materials, such as external.

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