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How to Reduce the Dust Pollution of Coal Slime Dryer?

Published 2014/9/10 9:21:13

The environmental protection equipment is sharply increasingly recently. But the original production sites of coal slime dryer are filled with dust. In the condition, how to deal with dust problems of coal slime dryer had become a major problem of the manufacturers.

Dust is inevitable during the process of coal slime dryer, what we can do is to reduce the generation and spread of dust of dust from the source. The reason of the dust’s generation is that coal slime dryer is turning up and down during its drying process. The drier the coal, the worse the situations. So reducing drying time is the key to solving the dust pollution problem. In other words, the higher efficiency of the mud dryer, less dust it will generate.

Coal slime rotary dryer

The dust collecting equipment is the most effective method to reduce dust exposure. Hongke coal slime dryer uses bag dust precipitator can reach to 99.9% dust collecting rate. At the same time, increase the amount of operation of exclude indoor dust to the precipitator, which can avoid the firebricks’ falling off and the secondary pollution of working environment.

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