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What are the key parts that need to be lubricated by rotary kiln?

Published 2014/10/18 15:38:20

Rotary kiln plays a very important role in the process of calcinations. As the long time operation of equipment resulted in damage and consumption of parts, we should pay more attention to lubrication of oil site in the production of rotary kiln. Hongke Machinery will make a brief analysis on key parts that need to be lubricated by rotary kiln in the following text.
After a great deal of testing demonstrations conducted by Hongke Machinery, parts that need to be lubricated are mainly barrel, support device, drive unit as well as discharge hood. As these parts serve as an important role, doing well in lubrication of them can stabilize production of rotary kiln.

  1. Smoothness of graphite is perfect. We may add moderate graphite in gap between cylinder plate and rolling ring of rotary kiln for lubrication.
  2. Lubrication of support device of rotary kiln: graphite block may be chosen to lubricate kiln riding ring and tug boat. If graphite block gets smaller, technician shall replace it immediately, otherwise it will influence lubrication.
  3. Lubrication of drive unit of rotary kiln: This part is lubrication among gears. Due to limit pore space among gears, approach of oil spray lubrication shall be taken. This needs to be stressed that workers are required to check oil spray status.

Hongke Machinery has been specialized in manufacturing rotary kiln for many years, actively introducing advanced technology with abundant production experience and various facilities. Warmly welcome to come and negotiate business.

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